2011-07-09- (am) North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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2011-07-09- (am) North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Audience Recording : VG+ / VG- (EX- Enhanced Version)
Total Running Time : 138'24

Foxy Lady (Andy Allo Lead Vox)
Sexy Dancer - Le Freak
(Theme Song From) Which Way Is Up ?
Play That Funky Music
Controversy (Reprise)
Pass The Peas
Let's Get It On (Andy Allo Lead Vox & Guitar)
Pop Life (Incl. Scrapple From The Apple)
Musicology (Incl. Prince & The Band - Tighten Up)
No One Else (Liv Warfield Lead Vox)
Misty Blue (Shelby J. Lead Vox)
A Love Bizarre (Incl. Housequake Chants - Eye Like Funky Music Chants)
Everyday People (With Larry Graham)
Thank You For Talkin' To Me Africa (Instr.) - Only Heaven Knows (Incl. America)
Purple Rain
If I Was Your Girlfriend

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