Universal City 2007

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Universal City 2007

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 27, 2011 3:58 pm

Poison - Gibson Amphitheatre Universal City, CA 8/12/07
Very Good Audience Recording

01. Intro
02. Look What The Cat Dragged In
03. I Want Action
04. Ride The Wind
05. I Won't Forget You
06. What I Like About You
07. CC De Ville Solo (With Ray Charles Tribute)
08. I Hate Every Bone In Your Body But Mine
09. Something To Believe In
10. Your Mama Don't Dance
11. I Need To Know
12. Rikki Rocket Solo
13. Unskinny Bop
14. Every Rose Has It's Thorn
15. Fallen Angel
16. Talk Dirty To Me
17. Nothin' But A Good Time

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